How to Remove Tonsil Stones

Have you ever encountered a person having bad breath continuously? That poor chap may be suffering from Tonsil stones. In fact, this is one of the commonest causes of foul smelling in human being. Tonsil stones or medically termed as tonsilloliths are a composed form of dead tonsillar tissues, dead bacterial or viral bodies, mucus cells and different minerals like calcium or magnesium. All these together form a solid mass that can be palpated over the upper part of your throat. With the presence of sulfur producing bacteria that is normally present in our mouth, these materials undergo putrefaction and bring out an awful smell.

Tonsil stones are formed inside the tonsillar crypts, small burrow like spaces in the tonsillar tissue. Persons having chronic tonsillitis are more prone to develop tonsil stones. Normal function of tonsil is to arrest the bacteria and viruses that may become fulminant after getting entry to our body. The human immune system produces special types of lymphocytes that can kill these invaders. Tonsil is full of these cells. As we come into contact of deadly bacteria or virus, lymphocytes are released from tonsil to arrest their growth. Therefore, tonsil is a tissue that is continuously exposed to infection and that leads to constant inflammatory condition, known as chronic tonsillitis. With every fresh infection, some of the dead tonsil cells and dead bacteria get deposited in the tonsillar tissues.

The definitive cure from tonsil stones is surgical removal. Surgeons will remove tonsil stones with a minor operation by incising the tonsil tissue. You will also be prescribed with several antibiotics and pain-killers before and after the operation to minimize the complication after surgery. There is much chance of recurrence of tonsil stone if the operation is not conducted properly.

There are some homeopathic and naturopathic medicines available for tonsilloliths. But there success is doubtful. In addition to medicines, you will also be advised some changes in your lifestyle by the naturopaths. Only Indian herbal system of medicines, Ayurveda, has some definitive cure for tonsil stones. But the paraphernalia for taking Ayurvedic medicine makes it less popular.

Chinese natural therapy is, by far, the best option available to remove tonsil stones successfully. It is a simple 3-step way to permanent solution of bad breath, recurrent pain in the throat and constant weariness. The root cause of tonsil stone is addressed by the Chinese natural therapy and it is cured forever. There is absolutely no need of any tough medication of lifestyle modification.