Non Alcoholic Halloween Drinks

You want the drinks you serve on Halloween to be tasty and themed. How can you keep your guests around the punchbowl without resorting to spiking the stuff? A lot of adults only know how to have fun with alcoholic drinks when they are out at a party. You do not need to add alcohol to the mix in order to have a fun Halloween. Here are some very simple, creative recipes for delicious Halloween themed drinks.

Pixie potions

1 Litre Lorina Sparkling French Lemonade

4 Pixy Stix

Pour the Sparkling French Lemonade into your punchbowl. Then stir in 4 Pixy Stix (or more, to taste) until the powder dissolves completely into the carbonated drink. You can add powder all of the same flavor and color, or if you are feeling adventurous, you can add multiple flavors and colors of powder. Serve in small corked bottles. Purple or blue Pixy Stix are recommended for this recipe but you can choose the flavor you like the best. This is guaranteed to keep your party guests on a sugar rush.

Swamp water

1/2 Litre Mountain Dew

1/2 Litre Pepsi

1 packet of Blue Kool-Aid

For this simple recipe just combine the Mountain Dew and the Pepsi into a large clear punchbowl. Then add the packet of Kool-Aid powder and mix until the powder completely dissolves. You should get a sweet brown punch. You can add things like gummy worms or candy spiders or other bug shaped candies into the drink to make it extra gross. You can also add extra sodas such as Orange, Cream Soda, or Root Beer. You can even make it a party game for your guests to make their own swamp water drink. Here is another interesting article on how to make cold water extraction.

Bubbling blood brew

1 Litre Sprite

4 Tbsp Red Gatorade powder mix

1 packet of Red Kool-Aid

Pour the Sprite into your punch bowl. Then slowly add both the powder mixes, stirring constantly until the powder dissolves. What you will get is a really bubbly, really bloody red mix. Guaranteed to be popular with your vampire guests. Also a nice sweet drink.

Whatever you feel like making, feel free to augment and add to these simple recipes with your own ideas for ingredients or tastes. All these drinks will be sweet as Halloween candy, without the drawbacks of alcoholic options. The best part of this activity is using your creativity. Have fun mixing up your own drinks this Halloween.

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